Degrees (275)

Chan, Yamamoto, and Dr. Oh stood at Miles Kuroda’s bedside.

Yamamoto said, “So this is Kuroda, Denise’s childhood crush?”

“Yes,” Chan said.

Once Denise started going with Miles, Chan found out Miles was a bully, and he’d questioned his sister, all the way up until she left Miles after high-school, about being with him.

After he’d become a policeman, Chan, learning all about Kuroda’s criminal activity, shared this information with Denise, though he assumed she was no longer in touch with Kuroda.

She wasn’t, for a while.  But she did, as Chan discovered, run into Miles once she’d graduated from UH, and as love really is blind, she’d started to semi-date him.  They’d get together, maybe twice a month, and although she knew Miles was a hood, she chose to ignore this.  She’d see other men, but Miles was always there for her.

Chan was thinking about how hard he’d been on his sister once he found out she was dating Chris Andaya.  Compared to Andaya, Miles was a choirboy.

Chan asked Dr. Oh, “Has he regained consciousness at all, said anything about where or how he was shot?”

“Not yet.”  The doctor walked out.

So, Miles could die, Chan thought.  Why?  What had he done?  Double-cross some fence, forget his place in the pecking order and horn in on gang business?

Possible.  Anything was possible.  But that Miles should be shot around the same time as the shooting at Café Bon-Bon, well, what was a policeman with sharp instincts, who happened to be the brother of the woman who loved both Kuroda and Andaya, supposed to think?

Yamamoto said, “You think Kuroda shot Andaya?”

* * * * *

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