The Price (325)

David Chan returned to headquarters.  Victor Yamamoto didn’t mention his suspicions about Rudy the barber’s death.  He told Chan about the wounded man he’d found at Denise’s apartment.

The two jumped in Yamamoto’s car and headed for Queen’s Hospital.  On the way, Chan related his frustration.

“Vic, I’m out of ideas.”

“Could she afford Waikīkī hotels?”

“Maybe a rinky-dink one.  Nothing fancy.  You think I should start calling them?”

“You could, but what if she used a fake name?”

Chan looked out the window and saw the Honolulu he’d known growing up disappearing.  More buildings, taller and taller, less green space, so many people.  Insane traffic.

“Vic, I think we’re going to be overrun by tourists once we become a State.”

“More frickin’ Haoles,” Yamamoto muttered.

Chan shook his head.  He hated that his partner hated.

“Haoles and everyone else,” Chan said.  “Japanese too.  You’d be happy if we got flooded with Japanese tourists, right?”

“Yeah, right,” said Yamamoto. “Like nineteen-forty-one wasn’t bad enough?”

And then Chan was reminded that Yamamoto didn’t like a lot of Japanese either.  He derogatorily called the touring ones Katonks and Bobes, those from the U.S. continent and from Japan.

As someone who’d grown up on the pre-Statehood side of Hawai‘i, Chan often felt he wanted to hide from what Hawai‘i was becoming.  

“Hey,” Chan said.  “Maybe instead of wondering where Dini would go, I should think about where I’d hide.”

Yamamoto nodded.  “Know where I’d go?”


“I’d go to –”

“Park right there,” Chan said, spotting a place between two ambulances at the Emergency Room entrance.

Yamamoto pulled in and the two jumped out.

They were escorted to the ICU by Doctor Oh.

“It’s a gunshot wound.  Tore up his spleen.  We had to go in.”

“What are his chances?” asked Yamamoto.

“It’s touch and go.  I’m not optimistic.  He lost a lot of blood.”

Chan walked to the man’s beside.

“Vic,” he said, “this is Miles Kuroda.”

* * * * *

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