Dead End (375)

David Chan parked on Kukui Street, then headed up to the third floor of the non-descript apartment building.  They all looked alike on Kukui, beige and boring.  He wondered if Miles Kuroda ever had tried his key in the wrong door when he came home drunk.

He’d known Miles since Denise had first brought him home, back when Chan was a senior at Roosevelt High School.  Although he wasn’t around the house much after he started at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Chan was around enough to notice that Dini and Miles were very close through intermediate and high school.

Miles had come to David Sr.’s funeral, had taken Dini to both the Junior and Senior Proms.   Unfortunately, he couldn’t discontinue his bullying ways.  Denise had said many times that she couldn’t love someone who behaved that way.  To Chan, it was plain, however, that she loved Miles anyway.

The two had parted company when Denise went to UH, and Miles graduated from bully to petty criminal.  Had Miles chosen any legitimate activity, and if he’d have quit pushing people around, Dini, Chan believed, would have given herself to Miles completely.

Chan knocked.  “Miles, it’s David Chan.”

Again.  “Denise, you in there?”

This door was substantial, so Chan picked the lock.  He checked every room.  Nothing to indicate that Denise was there or had been.  It was all bachelor pad.

Chan went out on the lānai, looked down at the street.  This had been his best guess.  He’d been sure his sister would run to the man whom Chan knew still loved her.

Not that she would use Miles Kuroda.  It was that no matter how much she might love Chris Andaya, Chan knew a big part of her heart would always be with Miles.  As far as Chan could tell, as well, it was possible that Denise was the only real friend Miles Kuroda had.  They still talked on the phone, he knew, and would eat together on occasion.

Chan walked dejectedly to his car.  What a choice of brother-in-laws.  Both criminals.  His sister really knew how to pick um.

Never love someone like Miles.  Yeah, so what was with Chris Andaya?  To Chan’s knowledge, at least, Miles had yet to kill someone.

* * * * *

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