Love Lives (275)

David Chan drove as quickly as possible toward Kapahulu.  He was counting the days until construction began on the Interstate Highway that would eventually run from Waialae-Kāhala all the way out west to Barbers Point Naval Air Station at Kalaeloa.  Hallelujah.  One day driving around the island would be so much faster than thanks to all the highway costructionl.  Driving anywhere just took too long.

Yamamoto told Chan he’d run back to headquarters and find out addresses or phone numbers for Chris Andaya.  He knew withholding the information from Chan had been stupid, but when he saw what was written on the scrap of paper, all he could think of was handling Andaya himself.  Denise Chan was like his own sister.  What a pleasure to hunt Andaya down and beat that asshole to within a quarter-of-an-inch of his life.

Denise’s building was a white two-story just off Kapahulu Avenue at Date, across from the Ala Wai Golf Course.  Denise loved to golf.  So did Chris Andaya.  They’d met on the driving range.  David Chan hated golf.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Chan ran down the exterior hallway to his sister’s door.  He knocked.  No answer.  He tried the handle.  Locked.  He put his shoulder to the door and popped it open.  She needed a deadbolt so that folks like him couldn’t just waltz in.

Everything looked in order.  No signs of any kind of disturbance. Chan did a quick search of all four rooms.  Clean.  Tidy.  Very Denise.  Very daughter-of-Ethel-Chan.

He touched the dishes in the drainer.  Dry.  The sponge too.  He sat down.  What would be the best move?

The phone rang.

* * * * *

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