The Real (HS 152)

You will know what real is when you ride
the dreams of smoke and updraft air, waves breaking
on the breath of forests bending to taste stone, this earth,
a touching of twisting time and twilight sight,
a soul soaring here, there watching the fade of childhood,
snatches of the ever, the never, the vanished and gone
before it was even there, trick of the solid maybe and the quick reveal,
this is the night, your mind, a wanderer in someplace,
a walking tour of the vault collection acquired, amassed
art of the deep inspire in a infinitely open closed space,
the pulsing of mercy meant for wrongs, help for hurts,
even wings for hopes, a reworking of the unworkable,
solving the unsolvable, a mass of messages for us
meaning what tick by life tick is, was, and who knows will.

* * * * *

Happy #WriterMonday. I hope you’re all safe and well and loving your families as much as you can. Today’s writing prompt is


Use this #WritingPrompt to inspire a piece of writing of any kind, any length, even if it’s just a sentence or two, and then post that piece on your page and link back to me, or simply post it as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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  1. The night before, my Uncle Lloyd fluttered into my dream — from over the rainbow, where he resides the for nearly the past twenty years — warm and close. Last night, my still-alive brother, who unbeknownst to me had sent an “Are you well?” text the evening before I hit my pillow. What causes our dreams, and what action do we then take? With Lloyd, a call to my cousin, his daughter. Another listen to Dad and Lloyd’s immortalized Disneyland recording (Date Night at Disneyland album). With my bro, a text and then a phone visit, hearing about the latest album he’s mixing with all the greats from his/our childhood. Ah, dreams, coupled with action. I think that’s where it’s at — such as you taking pen to paper (digits to keypad) and writing your introspective prose. Thanks for the prompt :)) Best! Dawn

    Listen to Dad’s music here – (or look it up on youtube)

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