Shade (HS 147)

The people working inside look hardly savage,
as the paler woman sitting sunning outside
says to the other paler woman, both natives too,
but with much more Mediterrean blood in them,
he explains to me, after telling her in Arabic
that she shouldn’t be such a racist, in a way joking,
I guess, as they, all three, smile and nod afterward.
He is in between the outside ones and the ones in here,
he says, angry a bit, he having less of the Northern blood,
explaining Egyptian gradations of skin color and prejudice.
The cool dark of the bar invites me in regardless of race,
on this hot colorful walk around an African town, not Cairo huge,
rural more, not though either a village.  This feels like a safari,
what with these things he points out over beers, without animals.

* * * * * 

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