Vast (HS 143)

I’m standing at the edge of the Sahara Desert,
looking out upon sand and sand and sand as far as I can see.
The air is clear, no cities polluting it, visibility is out to the faraway horizon,
no dunes, not a thing to obstruct the view. This vista inspires awe,
and it scares me, as if I’m standing on the lip of the highest cliff imaginable.
It’s like facing a million miles of . . . the total absorbtion
of everything, a quicksand sponge to suck the mind in,
the body too, pulled down into absolute darkness beneath nothing
but the sun’s bright white light, the soul as well, unable to escape
the fatal undertow of gravity downward in this expanse of . . . a huge
question mark.  For nothing in this world would I venture out there,
sure to get lost in the all of nothing.  I feel some ancient panic coming on,
but then, turning, I see the tour bus, the guide, the city, and I breathe
easier, so relieved not to be alone on this vast Earth.

* * * * *

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