The Conversation

My phone.  I carry it everywhere.
Sometimes I think I am the sanest person I know of.
Then I think about Snowden.
Don’t ask me why.  He just jumps into my head.
Snowden’s actually the sanest person I know of.
He carries no phone.
They will know when you travel.
They will know when you’re at home.
They’ll know when you are sleeping.
They’ll know when you’re awake.
They’ll know who you talk to, for goodness sake.
They’ll know what you say,
and they’ll know what you text.
They’ll even know whether you’re with someone for sex.
They will know, what he calls, the patterns of your life,
even if you turn off your phone.
Snowden says Big Brother is here,
and you’re carrying him around in your pocket.

My friend, listening to me,
says I’m crazy. Insane that I’m thinking
of discontinuing my phone service
just because of the rantings of some lunatic traitor.
I tell my friend that Snowden says,
one of the highlights of his life
was when Dick Cheney called him a traitor.
It was the highest compliment he’d ever been paid, he said,
and was truly the most ironic statement of the century,
spewing from the lips of someone the likes of Cheney.

My friend nods, tells me that indeed must be
the sanest thing Snowden has ever said.
I say, See, he’s the sanest person I know of.
My friend says, I don’t know about that.
But you’re still out of your mind for wanting
to get rid of your phone.
Think of how useful it is. Think of emergencies.
The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages

I stop to contemplate my sanity level.
My phone rings, and it must be a wrong number.
Hello? Hello?
Now I am the most paranoid person I know of.
Except for Snowden.

* * * * *

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