Hawaiʻi Calls: December 2019

Lāpule/Sunday 12.08.19

akahai: Modest, gentle, unassuming, unpretentious, unobtrusive, docile, decorous, meek, suave.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 12.07.19

laha: Extended, spread out, broad, published, circulated, distributed, disseminated, promulgated, advertised, broadcast, widespread, increased, numerous, common, general, ordinary. Gourd calabash painted with patterns. A kind of yam with white flesh under the skin.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 12.06.19

hauna: Unpleasant odor, as of spoiling fish or meat, or volcanic sulphur. Stench. Tainted.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 12.05.19

wai: Water, liquid or liquor of any kind other than sea water, juice, sap, honey. Liquids discharged from the body, as blood, semen. Color, dye, pattern. To flow, like water, fluid. Capitalized, place names beginning with Wai, river, stream. Grain in stone. To retain, place, leave, remain, earn, deposit. Who, whom, whose, what. Type of hutch with thatch purlins separated by a width of two fingers.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 12.04.19

pē: Crushed, flattened. Humble, low, modest. Perfumed, sweet with fragrance. Drenched, soaked. To bribe. Pay, to pay.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.03.19

pua: Flower, blossom, tassel and stem of sugar cane. To bloom, blossom. To issue, appear, come forth, emerge, said especially of smoke, wind, speech, and colors, hence to smoke, blow, speak, shine. Progeny, child, descendant, offspring. Young, spawn, fry. Arrow, dart, sometimes made from flower stalks of sugar cane. A tree. Float, buoy. A cloud bank. Capitalized, a Molokaʻi sorcery goddess. A fishhook for turtles.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.02.19

kaʻahele: To make a tour, travel about. A tour. In turns.

Lāpule/Sunday 12.01.19

‘ohi: To gather, harvest, cull, pick, select. To collect, as wages or taxes. To take away or usurp, as land. To draft, as soldiers. To buy. Gathering, selection. Bundle, as of taro leaves. To gush, chatter aimlessly and ramblingly, gabble.