Hawaiʻi Calls: December 2019

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.31.19

naka: To quiver, quake, tremble, shake, as jello or as with cold or fear. Shaky, unsteady, shivering, shaking. To crack open, as earth from the heat. Cracked and peeling, as the skin of one who has drunk kava to excess. A land shell. A sea creature.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.30.19

‘aʻe: To step over, get on top of, tread upon, trespass. To raise. To massage the back with the feet. To break a taboo or violate a law. Counter sorcery. To inflict sorcery on a sorcerer. To get into by stepping up, as into a car. Step. Figuratively, oppressed.

Lāpule/Sunday 12.29.19

paikau: To march, drill, parade, pass to and fro. To practice firearms.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 12.28.19

kāmoe: To go straight ahead. To recline, lie flat. Flattened. Recumbent weft of mat, so called because the strands lie horizontally (moe). Overcasting stitches that lie neatly in the same direction (lei kāmoe).

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 12.27.19

hānai: Foster child, adopted child. Foster, adopted. To raise, rear, feed, nourish, sustain. Provider, caretaker (said affectionately of chiefs by members of the court). To skim along.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 12.26.19

ohiohi: To grow vigorously, flourish. Young shoots. To show, of wood grain.

Mele Kalikimaka, Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 12.25.19

kaulele: To take flight. Soaring, on the wing. Exclamation, stress. To accent in music. Extraordinary, over and above the ordinary, extra, added on, additional, supplemental, random, excess.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.24.19

koni: To throb, pulsate, tingle, beat. To flutter, as the heart. To tug, as small fish on baited hook.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.23.19

pana: To shoot, as marbles, arrows, bow. Bow and arrows. To snap, as with fingers and thumb to punish a child. Too flip. Heartbeat, pulse. Beat in music. To beat time, pulsate, throb. Celebrated, noted, or legendary place. To be such. Pan. Bung.

Lāpule/Sunday 12.22.19

pala: Ripe, mellow. Yellow, as leaves. Soft, as an infected boil. Rotten, as taro corm. Daub, smear, smudge, blot. Dab of excreta. Underdone. Coated, as the tongue. A form of gonorrhea. Intoxicating drink made of watermelon juice. A native fern. A variety of sweet potato. Seaweeds or scum. Parlor.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 12.21.19

‘imina: Looking, seeking. Search.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 12.20.19

holoi: To wash, clean, scour, scrub, rub, erase, wipe (Biblical). Washing, erasure.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 12.19.19

‘umoki: Cork, stopper, plug, bung. To cork, stop up. Wad of a gun. Partitions in bamboo water containers. To shoot an arrow so that it hits a mark squarely. To plant taro shoots in small holes made by a stick.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 12.18.19

koi:  To urge, implore, persuade, compel, require, insist on, ask insistently, demand, claim, pull.  Requirement.  Fishing pole, pole.  

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.17.19

no’ono’o: Thought, reflection, thinking, meditation. To think, reflect, meditate, concentrate. To consider, as a case at law. Thoughtful, mental.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.16.19

kino: Body, person, individual, self, main portion, physique, receptacle. Form. Fully formed. Bodily, physical, material, non-spiritual. Hull of a ship. Personal. Person in grammar, as in first-person, second-person, . . . .

Lāpule/Sunday 12.15.19

alaula: Light of early dawn, sunset glow. Literally, flaming road.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 12.14.19

manawa: Time, turn, season, date, chronology, period of time. For a short time, infrequent. Affections, feelings, disposition, heart, seat of emotions. Anterior fontanel in the heads of infants. Top of the head of adults at position of the fontanel.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 12.13.19

‘ulu: The breadfruit, a tree perhaps originating in Malaysia and distributed through tropical Asia and Polynesia. It belongs to the fig family, and is grown for its edible fruits, sometimes for ornament. The leaves are large, oblong, more or less lobed. Fruits are round or oblong, weighing up to 4.5 kilos, when cooked, tasting something like sweet potatoes. Round smooth stone as used in ‘ulu maika game. Bowling ball. Bell clapper. Dice. Muscles in calf of leg. Name for a kōnane stone.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 12.12.19

nuku: Beak, snout, tip, end. Spout, beak of a pitcher. Mouth or entrance, as of a harbor, river, mountain pass, or gap. Scolding, raving, ranting, grumbling. To nag. Series of hooks attached to a line.

hauna: Unpleasant odor, as of spoiling fish or meat, or volcanic sulphur. Stench. Tainted.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 12.11.19

oni: To appear, reach out, jut or extend out.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.10.19

‘ōpili: Cramped or numbed, as by cold or sitting long in one position. Aching. Clamped together, as leaves of a sensitive plant when touched. A cramp. To clamp or close together.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.09.19

luʻu: To dive, plunge into water, immerse, duck. To dip in, as a shrimp net.

Lāpule/Sunday 12.08.19

akahai: Modest, gentle, unassuming, unpretentious, unobtrusive, docile, decorous, meek, suave.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 12.07.19

laha: Extended, spread out, broad, published, circulated, distributed, disseminated, promulgated, advertised, broadcast, widespread, increased, numerous, common, general, ordinary. Gourd calabash painted with patterns. A kind of yam with white flesh under the skin.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 12.06.19

hauna: Unpleasant odor, as of spoiling fish or meat, or volcanic sulphur. Stench. Tainted.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 12.05.19

wai: Water, liquid or liquor of any kind other than sea water, juice, sap, honey. Liquids discharged from the body, as blood, semen. Color, dye, pattern. To flow, like water, fluid. Capitalized, place names beginning with Wai, river, stream. Grain in stone. To retain, place, leave, remain, earn, deposit. Who, whom, whose, what. Type of hutch with thatch purlins separated by a width of two fingers.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 12.04.19

pē: Crushed, flattened. Humble, low, modest. Perfumed, sweet with fragrance. Drenched, soaked. To bribe. Pay, to pay.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 12.03.19

pua: Flower, blossom, tassel and stem of sugar cane. To bloom, blossom. To issue, appear, come forth, emerge, said especially of smoke, wind, speech, and colors, hence to smoke, blow, speak, shine. Progeny, child, descendant, offspring. Young, spawn, fry. Arrow, dart, sometimes made from flower stalks of sugar cane. A tree. Float, buoy. A cloud bank. Capitalized, a Molokaʻi sorcery goddess. A fishhook for turtles.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 12.02.19

kaʻahele: To make a tour, travel about. A tour. In turns.

Lāpule/Sunday 12.01.19

‘ohi: To gather, harvest, cull, pick, select. To collect, as wages or taxes. To take away or usurp, as land. To draft, as soldiers. To buy. Gathering, selection. Bundle, as of taro leaves. To gush, chatter aimlessly and ramblingly, gabble.