Hawaiʻi Calls II: Through Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 10.30.19

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 10.30.19

ihu: Nose, snout, beak, bill, trunk of an elephant, to of a shoe. A kiss. Prow or bow of a canoe or ship. Thick end of a pearl shell shank.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 10.29.19

iki: small, little, slightly. A little, trifle. Not at all (with a negative).

Pōʻakahi/Monday 10.28.19

pohu: Calm, quiet. Calmed, quieted, soothed. To calm down, become quiet. A wind associated with Kona, Hawai’i.

Lāpule/Sunday 10.27.19

luku: Massacre, slaughter, destruction. To massacre, destroy, slaughter, lat waste, devastate, exterminate, ravage.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 10.26.19

āulu: rough, raging, as sea or wind. To injure, harm, rage. To grow. A tall endemic tree (Pisonia sandwicensis) with large, oblong, dark-green leaves; small, rounded flower heads; narrow, sticky fruits; and very soft wood.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 10.25.19

oki: To stop, finish, end. Extraordinary, wondrous, superlative, much (but not always in an unfavorable sense, sometimes with idea: not at all, none, all gone). To take effect, as ‘awa intoxication.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 10.10.19

koene: To edge away, back away, creep, move cautiously and carefully, as a frightened or feeble person.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 10.09.19

waena: Middle, between, center, central, intermediate, medial. Mean, average. Cultivated field, garden, vegetable plot.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 10.08.19

kuiki:  Quilting.  To quilt.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 10.07.19

kānāwai: Law, code, rule, statute, act, regulation, ordinance, decree, edict. Legal. To obey a law. To be prohibited. To learn from experience. Figuratively, ti leaves, as used in religious ceremonies as a plant respected by spirits. Since some early laws concerned water (wai) rights, some have suggested that the word kānāwai is derived from wai, water. This seems doubtful in view of the many ancient edicts of gods that have no relation to water.

Lāpule/Sunday 10.06.19

huhū: Angry, offended, indignant, mad, scolding. Anger, wrath. To scold, become angry.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 10.05.19

waʻu: To grate, scrape, scratch, rasp, claw, wear away by friction. Grater, scraper, as of cowry or other shell.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 10.04.19

kani: Sound or noise of any kind. Pitch in music. To sound, cry out, ring peal, jingle, tinkle, toll, whir, resound, reverberate. Roar, rumble, crow, resonance. To strike or tick, of a clock, to sing, as birds. Voiced. Strong, hard, tough.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 10.03.19

kiʻi: Image, statue, picture, photograph, drawing, diagram, illustration, likeness, cartoon, idol, doll, petroglyph. Features, as of a face. Plans, as for a house. Carved, as end of an ‘auamo pole. To fetch, get procure, send for, go after, summon, attack. To seek for sexual ends. To try and, go and. Hula step: one foot points to the side, front, and back. Then the other foot does the same. Orange fruit and tree. Gesture, as in hula.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 10.02.19

ō’pū: Belly, stomach, abdomen, tripe, giblet. Bag, as of a net. Gizzard, bladder, crop of a bird, maw of a animal, womb. Disposition.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 10.01.19

pa’ihi: Clear, bright, cloudless. Neat, tidy, well dressed in one’s best. To honor. Set, as a ship’s sails.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 09.30.19

kipona:  Intense.  To intensify, usually but not always pejorative, often followed by a qualifier.  Translations vary greatly and depend on context.  Very common in Kelekona.  Distress, pain.  Own.  To make a hollow or round opening, like the eye socket.  Hollow.  Mixed, mingled.  Varying in color or texture, as of the sea.  To add to, as something of different character, as ferns to a lei.

Lāpule/Sunday 09.29.19

‘ēheu:  Wing, as of a bird, kite, or airplane.  Winged, soaring on wings.  To fly, take wing.  Rim of a hat.  Pectoral fin, as of a shark.  Flipper, as of a turtle.

Alice Namakelua sings her song “Kaʻahumanu”

Kaʻahumanu – Words & music by Alice Namakelua

He nani ʻo Hana i kaʻu ʻike
ʻĀina ʻoluʻolu uluwehiwehi

ʻĀina piha ʻoe i ke aloha
A he wahi poina ʻole ʻia naʻu

Ke ku mau no a Kaʻuiki
A he puʻu kaulana no ka ʻāina

He aloha Ka’uiki a e ku nei
Ke one hānau o Kaʻahumanu

Haʻina ka inoa a i lohe ʻia
ʻO Kaʻahumanu no e ō mai

Beautiful is Hana in my sight
Land cool and lush

You are a land filled with love
A place I’ll never forget

There stands Kaʻuiki
A famous hill of the land

Beloved is Kaʻuiki that stands there
The birthplace of Kaʻahumanu

Tell the name and let it be heard
O Kaʻahumanu, do answer

Pōʻahā/Thursday 09.26.19

uku: Pay, payment, wages, fee, fare, toll, commission, reward, recompense, compensation, remittance, tuition, prize, fine, tax, installment, tribute. To pay, remunerate, compensate, repay, revenge. A deep-sea snapper.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 09.25.19

lapaʻau: Medical practice. To treat with medicine, heal, cure. Medical, medicinal.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 09.24.19

‘ohana: Family, relative, kin, group. Related. To gather for family prayers (short for pule ‘ohana).

Pōʻakahi/Monday 09.23.19

hilo: To twist, braid, spin. Twisted, braided. Threadlike. Faint streak of light. Capitalized, the first night of the new moon. Capitalized, name of a famous Polynesian navigator for whom the city and district of the Big Island may have been named. Hilo grass. Gonorrhea. A running sore. A variety of sweet potato. (iwi hilo: Thighbone, femur, the last rib bone. Poetically, the very core of one’s being).

Lāpule/Sunday 09.22.19

pawa: The darkness just before dawn, predawn. Smooth, fat and sleek. Custom. Name of a star.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 09.21.19

moku: To be cut, severed, amputated, broken in two, as a rope. Broken loose, as a stream after heavy rains, or as a sound person. To punctuate. District, island, islet, section, forest, grove, clump, severed portion, fragment, cut, laceration, scene in a play. Ship, schooner, vessel, boat, said to be so called because the first European ships suggested islands. A stage of pounded poi (such poi sticks together as a mass and can be separated cleanly, moku) from the pounding board.

Pōʻalima (Friday) 09.19.20

huaka: Clear as crystal, bright, dazzling, white, shining, flashing. Shadow, reflection.

Pōʻahā (Thursday) 09.19.19

aupuni: Government, kingdom, dominion, nation, people under a ruler. National.

Pōʻakolu (Wednesday) 09.18.19

uakea: Mist (famous at Hāna, Maui). Literally, white rain. White as mist, mist-white, white as breaking surf or snow.

Pōʻalua (Tuesday) 09.17.19

oho: Hair of the head. Leaves of plants. Fronds of ferns. To leaf out, sprout. To call out, cry, yell. Outcry. To leap up, as startled birds.

Bing Crosby made the hapa-haole song “Sweet Leilani” famous around the world.

Sweet Leilani (Flower Wreath From Heaven)
by Harry Owens

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Nature fashioned roses kissed with dew
And then she placed them in a bower
It was the start of you

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Tropic skies are jealous as they shine
I think they’re jealous of your blue eyes
Jealous because you’re mine

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
I dreamed of paradise for two
You are my paradise completed
You are my dream come true

Pōʻakahi (Monday) 09.16.19

nao: Ripple. Ridge, as of twilled cloth or a tapa beater. Groove. Streak on tapa. Grain of wood or stone. Thread of a screw. Crevice, as in rocks. Grooved. To thrust the hands into an opening, as in fishing. Dark-red dye. Red. A variety of taro.

Lāpule (Sunday) 09.15.19

koana: Spacing, space, as between rows of stitching in a quilt. Width of pandanus strips used in plaiting, weft. Bruised or parched spot on fruit, as breadfruit.