Hawaiʻi Calls: Malaki/March 2020

Lāpule/Sunday 03.22
auē, auwē:  Oh!  Oh dear!  Oh boy!  Alas!  Too bad!  Goodness!  (Much used to express wonder, fear, scorn, pity, affection).   To groan, moan, grieve, bewail.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 03.21
lala:  Branch, limb, bough, coconut frond.  Timber, as of outrigger boom or float.  Wing of an army.  To branch out, form branches, diverge.  Member, as of a society.  Slip, as of hibiscus.  Sweet potato produced on a branch vine.  Barb or hook, as of bone or coconut shell, on a mother-of-pearl lure.  Bone point, of a composite hook. Fins.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 03.19
haʻaheo: Proud, haughty. To strut. To cherish with pride. Pride, vanity, haughtiness.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 03.11
ʻawapuhi:  Wild ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), a forest herb with narrow leaves arranged along a stalk 30 top 60 centimeters high, bearing on a separate small stalk small yellowish flowers in an oblong head, and having aromatic underground stems.  A native of India.  The root was used to scent and dye tapa.  A variety of sweet potato.  A type of taro.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 03.10
laua: Not much remaining to do, progressing, nearly finished (commonly used after a negative).

Lāpule/Sunday 03.08
pueo: Hawaiian short-eared owl, regarded often as a benevolent ʻaumakua. Short. To rock a child on the foot. While doing this, one amused the child by chanting. Shroud of a ship or canoe. A kind of taro. House lashing.