Hawaiʻi Calls: ʻAukake/August 2020

ʻAukake/August 2020

Pōʻakahi/Monday 08.03
noe: Mist, fog, vapor, rain spray. To form a mist. To settle gently as mist (poetic). Misty. Capitalized, a rare name for the northeast tradewind (Moaʻe).

Lāpule/Sunday 08.02
pahupū:  Cut in half, cut in two, severed, cut short, chopped off.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 08.01
nane: Riddle, puzzle, parable, allegory. To riddle, speak in parables.

Iulai/July 2020

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 07.31
niku: Dirty, smelly, filthy. Hawk.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 07.30
make‘e:  covetous, greedy, desirous to have.  To prize, have affection for.

Pōʻalua/Wednesday 07.28
‘auhau:  Tax, assessment, levy, charge, tariff, toll, tribute, price.  To levy a tax, pay tribute, tax.  Femur and humerus bones of the human skeleton.  Stems of plants whose bark can be stripped, such as wauke and olonā, but not maile.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 07.27
no‘u:  Short, thickest, plump but not tall (said more often of plants than of humans).  A short, stocky koa tree suitable for a wide, short canoe.  A native variety of banana, bearing small bunches of thick, round fruit, eaten raw or cooked, the skin yellow, the flesh cream-colored.  To eat greedily with great mouthfuls, even when no longer hungry.  For me, mine, in my honor.

Lāpule/Sunday 07.27
loko: Inside, within. Interior, mainland, inside. Internal organs, as tripe, entrails. Character, disposition, heart, feelings. Pond, lake, pool. Mainland of the United States. In spite of, regardless. By means of.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 07.18
mōhalu:  Loose, slack.  At ease, unrestrained, at liberty.  Comfortable.  Capitalized, twelfth day of the month and first of Kāne taboo, liked for planting flowers because it was believed the flowers would be round and perfect like the moon on this night.  To open, unfold, as flowers. 

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 07.24
hulali: Shining, glittering, glossy, slippery. To shine, glitter, sparkle, reflect light. A kind of loli, sea cucumber.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 07.16:
alo: Front, face, presence. Upper surface, as of a bowl. Leeward.

Pōʻalua/Wednesday 07.22
wini:  Sharp, as a point.  Figuratively, impudent, nervy.  Wind.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 07.21
noke: To persist, continue, repeat, persevere, keep on. Perseverance, persistence.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 07.20
oha: Spreading, as vines. Thriving. To grow lush. Affection, love, greeting. Greet, show joyous affection or friendship, joy.

Lāpule/Sunday 07.19
paleo:  To converse, chat.  To talk loudly.  Chatting.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 07.18
‘ewa:  Crooked, out of shape, imperfect, ill-fitting.  Figuratively, incorrect, unjust.  Capitalized, place name of East Honolulu, used as a direction term.  Capitalized, Eve.  Figuratively, woman.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 07.17
leo: Voice, tone, tune, melody, sound, command, advice, syllable, plea, verbal message. To speak, make a sound.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 07.16
hoa: Companion, friend, associate, colleague, comrade, partner, mate, peer, fellow, antagonist (if followed by a word such as kaua or paio). To tie, bind, secure, rig. Rigging, lashing. To strike with a stick or club. To club. A club. The honey-creeper.

Pōʻalua/Wednesday 07.08
kahakikī: Roaring sound, as of wind, rain, or rushing waters. To roar.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 07.14
luana: To be at leisure, enjoy pleasant surroundings and associates, live in comfort and ease, enjoy oneself, relax, be content.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 07.13
me‘eu:  Rising up.  To rise up, as from sitting.  To start up, as a frightened bird.  To rise, as hair in terror.  Startled.

Lāpule/Sunday 07.12
pou: Post, pole, pillar, shaft. Ridge, as of nose. Lump. Mast of a canoe. Machine gun. Part of snood lashing on composite hook, as for bonitos. Sometimes shaft of hook is so called. Spool pins on a sewing machine. A canoe, broad for its length and wide and blunt at the ends, used for baggage. An internal hardening or tumor.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 07.04
pu‘aki:  Stingy.  Antisocial, suspicious and distrustful of others.  Lines meeting on a mast.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 07.10
mo‘o:  Lizard, reptile of any kind, dragon, serpent.  Water spirit.  Succession, series, especially a genealogical line, lineage.  Story, tradition, legend.  Narrow strip of land, smaller than an ‘ili.  Small fragment, as of tapa, not attached to a large piece.  Narrow path, track.  Raised surface extending lengthwise between irrigation streamlets.  Ridge, as of a mountain.  Young, as of pigs, dogs.  Grandchild.  Brindled, as a dog, favored for sacrifice to the mo‘o spirits.  Streaked, tawny, as cattle.  Color of a tabby cat.  Side planks fitted to the middle section on each side of a canoe hull, technically termed gunwale strakes.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 07.09
hiu: To throw or fling violently. To haul energetically with ropes. To get into action, as play or sport. To pursue with energy, as love-making. To take by storm. To elevate, hoist, as by block and tackle. Stones used in games of kōane, kinipeki, and āneo, usually polished and flat.

Pōʻalua/Wednesday 07.08
‘u‘u:  To strip, as leaves or maile bark.  To draw in, as a line on a ship.  To draw out, unsheath, as a sword.  To draw back, as the fist preparing to strike, or as the foot about to kick.  To hoist, as a sail.  To practice masturbation.  To answer back sharp or rudely.  To pour suddenly, as rain.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 07.07
ma‘amau: Usual, customary, regular, habitual, ordinary, common.
ho‘oma‘umau: To become accustomed, familiar.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 07.06
‘eleua:  Darkness of rain or rain clouds.  A new house before it has been made noa, or free from taboo.  Door on the weather end of a house.  Ancestor or aged male of a family.  A major illness.

Lāpule/Sunday 07.05
aumoa: To care for. Protected.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 07.04
‘uhū:  To sigh, moan, groan.  To grunt as a pig.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 07.03
pō‘ino:  Misfortune, ill-luck, affliction, distress, disaster.  Unfortunate.  Literally, evil time.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 07.02
pākahi: Singly, once, one at a time, one by one, respectively, separately, apiece, individually. To distribute one at a time or one apiece.

Pōʻalua/Wednesday 07.01
ʻōhiki: To probe, pry, pick out.To prod, as the earth with a digging stick. To shell, as peas. To pick, as teeth or nose. To clean out, as the ears. Sand crab. Tapa design.