Hawaiʻi Calls: Ianuali/January 2020

Pōʻahā/Thursday 01.30.20

Nipo: To yearn for. To be in love with. To love, desire, long for. Drowsy, languid, sleepy.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 01.29.20

Alu: Combined, acting together. To cooperate, act together.

Lāpule/Sunday 01.16.20

Makahehi: Admiration, desire for, wonder. Amazement. Attractive, entrancing. To admire. Be entangled.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 01.25.20

Laʻa: Sacred, holy, devoted, consecrated, set apart or reserved as for sacred purposes, dedicated. Cursed, defiled, bound as under oath, doomed to death or destruction, in great trouble. Time, season. A fern. To propagate plants by inarching. Also, together with, so, besides, such as, like.

Pōʻalima/Friday 01.24.20

Le’a: Joy, pleasure, happiness, merriment. Sexual gratification, orgasm. Pleasing, gay, delightful, happy, merry. Delighted, pleased. Clearly, perfectly, thoroughly, successfully. The zenith star, Arcturus.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 01.22.20

Kao: Dart, fish spear, javelin. Spike, as on tail of a stingray. Skyrocket. Firebrand thrown on grass houses in wars. To throw a spear, javelin. Snare of coconut midrib and fiber, used for ʻaʻama, a crab. A constellation. Interjection of surprise. Goat. Scow.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 01.21.20

Laupa’i: A great many, multitude, great quantity, heap. To increase, multiply. To have much of. Well supplied with. First two leaves of a taro shoot (according to some, the first three leaves — same as laupa’e).

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 01.15.20

Kiko:  Dot, point, spot, speck of any kind.  Section of a story.  Cock or trigger of a gun.  Punctuation mark.  Dot in music indicating time added to a note, also to repeat.  Dotted, speckled, spotted.  To dot, mark, peck, hatch.  To pick up food, as chickens.  To injure fruit, as by a fruit fly.  Tattooed with dots on the forehead.  Taboo mark consisting of two crossed ti leaves held in place by a pebble.  To draw or guess the winning number in chee-fah, a Chinese gambling game.  Thin end of a fish pole.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 01.14.20

Huelo: Tail, as of a dog, cat, or pig. Train of a dress. Tail-end, last. Figuratively, inferior.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 01.13.20

Kanaka: Human being, man, person, individual, party, mankind, population. Subject, as of a chief. Laborer, servant, helper. Attendant or retainer in a family. Human sacrifice. Physique. Human, manly, pregnant, inhabited. Hawaiian. Private individual or party, as distinguished from government. After end of the float of a canoe. Clitoris. Capitalized, Canada.

Lāpule/Sunday 01.12.20

‘Īnea: Hardship, suffering, distress. To suffer discomfort.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 01.11.20

Palalē: To speak imperfectly, as of one with a foreign accent or speech defect. To work in a disorderly slipshod way. Confusion. To drip, spatter, spill, fart.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 01.09.20

Hemo: Loose, separated, untied, unfastened, open, satisfied, discharged, divorced, opened, weaned. Taken off, as clothes.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 01.08.20

‘Eke: Sack, pocket, bag, basket. Bag-shaped fish net. Scrotum. To cringe, shrink from, draw away from, flinch, wince. To become smaller, shrink.

Pōʻalua/Tuesday 01.07.20

Lana: Floating, buoyant. Moored, afloat, adrift. To drift, lie and anchor, as a fishing canoe. Calm, still, as water. Anchor. Lowest floor of the oracle tower where offerings were placed. To be aware of noises as one wakes. Frog.

Pōʻakahi/Monday 01.06.20

Pāpaʻa:  Cooked crisp, as pig.  Overdone, burned, parched.  Scab, as of a sore.  Crust.  Slice of bread.  Uncut piece.  Cluster of tiny red and yellow feathers tied together fanwise, as presented to a chief to be used for featherwork.  A red sugarcane with light-brown fibers.  It has an odor similar to burnt sugar, hence its name.  Bark, as of trees.  Fish.  Capitalized, various wind names.

Lāpule/Sunday 01.05.20

Maoli: Native, indigenous, aborigine, genuine, very good indeed. A variety of ʻahi, a fish that may weigh about 50 kilos. A native variety of banana. A variety of sweet potato.

Pōʻaono/Saturday 01.04.20

Hune: Poor, destitute. A poor person. Fine, tiny.

Aloha Pōʻalima/Friday 01.03.20

Meheu: Track, footprint, tracing, trail, clue. Troden, beaten, as a path. Walked on. To tread. Capitalized, wind associated with Kalihi-Wai, Kauaʻi.

Pōʻahā/Thursday 01.02.20

Kaupale: Boundary, barrier, partition. Dam. To serve as a boundary. To thrust aside, parry, limit. To cover an oven, especially with rocks on its edge to keep earth out. To disown or sever relationship. Literally, place ward off.

Pōʻakolu/Wednesday 01.01.20

Puʻua: Choked, suffocated, strangled. To choke, strain. Figuratively, disturbed mentally. A surfboard.