Hawaiʻi Sonnet 51

Here’s my draft for today, Wednesday 05.08.19.

Hawai’i Sonnet 51

You chill me, memory sea deeper than bone
the moon unset, night as you hold back your hand
my eyes on dawn, a horizon I only recall visions
of perpetual nights of passion passed not to be
revisited in my time, for the last time, you and I
and you know what this meant, the end of days
of Mānoa Garden evenings, McCully Chop Suey
psychic readings, lei-making lessons, swimming
at Ala Moana, tempting lifeguards with our splashing
their eyes on us moving, laughing to the reef
and back, not knowing we were both competitive
swimmers when we were younger, and all the shrieking was
just our older joy, many hours past young, growing apart
the last time for me, you would not allow the sun to rise

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